Prairie Outfitters

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A Hunting Experience To Remember

Whether it be a truly memorable pheasant hunt, whitetail or mule deer, or even the pursuit of a trophy antelope, our select staff, game abundant properties and comfortable accommodations are all geared to ensure your unparalleled success.

Pheasants, Grouse, Deer & Antelope

Hunters have come from all over the world to ejnoy the South Dakota hunting experience. Our guided hunts feature a professional staff, beautiful South Dakota prairie, a wealth of wildlife, highly trained gun dogs, and privately owned land, reserved exclusively for our guests.

Our lands are renowned world-wide for its pheasant hunting, and rightfully so. Did you know that only three times in the past 20 years has the annual pheasant harvest been under 1 million roosters, and those "down" years had well over 900,000 harvested birds?

The dear herd is about 50 percent whitetail and 50 percent mule deer. Whitetails generally prefer the brushy creeks, cottonwood river bottoms and adjoining prairies, while mule deer can be found in the gullies and cedar draws of the river breaks as well as in Badlands terrain.

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